Workshop 2010

2nd Virtual Photonics Workshop, 10-12 September 2010

The LAMMP-sponsored Virtual Photonics Workshops are held annually in late summer at the Beckman Laser Institute at UC Irvine. They are designed to train a wide range of students in the use of the latest modeling and computational tools for the solution of practical Biophotonic problems. The inaugural Workshop, held in August 2009, featured 6 lectures on the fundamentals of Biophotonics modeling, and 3 Case Study presentations illustrating how these approaches can effectively be used in treating pigmented lesions, screening for breast cancer, and imaging tissue using optical methods. The 2009 Workshop materials - lectures, GUI interactions and Case Studies - are archived here.

The 2010 VP Workshop followed a similar format, combining 5 didactic lectures on the fundamentals with 5 interactive sessions making use of the custom software Virtual Tissue Simulator designed by the Virtual Photonics team to simulate radiative transport processes in real-time. This educational component of the Workshop was offered in the mornings of September 10, 11 and 12. There were also two afternoon Technical Sessions on “Open Source Biophotonics Software” (September 10) and “Models and Methods in Computational Biophotoncs” (September 11). These Technical Sessions supplemented the morning educational content with descriptions and a moderated discussion, on September 10, of three Open Source initiatives and, on September 11, 4 seminars by leading authorities on advanced computational methods. The VP Workshops are designed to appeal to both relative novices and active researchers in the Biophotonics field. We have provided some References should you wish to explore this material further.

The complete Workshop Schedule can be found here

List of Workshop participants

Day 1 -- Friday, 10 September 2010

Lecture 1: Radiative Transport Fundamentals, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

GUI Interaction A - Absorption and Scattering Spectra

Lecture 2: Analytic Solvers, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

Homework Assignment - GUI Interaction B - Optical Dosimetry

Afternoon Technical Sessions: Open Source Biophotonics Software

The Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative, David Cuccia, VPTI Software Architect, Modulated Imaging Inc.

NIRFAST: FEM Modeling of Near-Infrared Light Transport in Tissue, Venkat Krishnaswamy, Dartmouth College PDF

Voxel- and mesh-based Monte Carlo Software - MCX and MMC. Dr Qianqian Fang, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH PDF

Moderated Discussion, Professor Bruce Tromberg

Day 2 -- Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 1 Recap, Professor Vasan Venugopalan

Lecture 3: Stochastic Solvers, Professor Jerome Spanier PDF

GUI Interaction C - Spatially- and Temporally-Resolved Diffuse Reflectance

Lecture 4: Analysis of Biophotonic Signals, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

GUI Interaction D - Analysis of Diffuse Reflectance

Afternoon Technical Sessions: Models and Methods in Computational Biophotonics

Modeling Polarized Light Transport: Monte Carlo and Tissue Properties, Professor Steven Jacques, Oregon Health and Science University

Fast Deterministic RTE Solver, Dr Hao Gao, UC Los Angeles PDF

Plane Wave Solutions for the Radiative Transport Equation, Professor Arnold Kim, UC Merced PDF

Electromagnetic Modeling of Focused Beam Propogation, Professor Andrew Dunn, UT Austin PDF

Day 3 -- Sunday, 12 September 2010

Day 2 Recap, Professor Vasan Venugopalan

Lecture 5: Introduction to Inverse Problems, Professor Jerome Spanier PDF

GUI Interaction E - Inverse Problem Solving