Short Course 2023

Multiscale Biophotonics: A Platform for Interdisciplinary Research Training and Career Development, 9-20 July 2023

This new annual series of Multiscale Biophotonics short courses builds on our previous Computational Biophotonics courses from 2013-2018. Expanding from a 5-day to a 12-day program, it offers comprehensive training in technical, operational, and professional skills for Biophotonics researchers. Trainees will receive technical and professional mentorship to achieve research and professional goals. The technical component of the course comprises lectures and technology demonstrations in biological microscopy, biophotonics simulation software, ex vivo optical property determination, speckle imaging, wide-field spectroscopic imaging, and diffuse optics. Hands-on labs provide operational skills training, while professional skills training focuses on team science to enhance the trainee’s ability to lead and work within multidisciplinary teams. Panel discussions support professional development, and technical and professional mentors will assist the trainees with a year-long problem-based learning project and provide career guidance.

Click here to submit an application to attend Domestic academic applicants selected to attend are eligible to receive an NIH fellowship that will cover transportation, lodging, and registration costs associated with attending the course.

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List of Short Course participants

Day 1 -- Sunday, 9 July 2023

Multiscale Biophotonics IPERT Program Introduction

Lecture 1: Course Overview & Trainee Introductions, Profs. Bernard Choi & Vasan Venugopalan pdf » view online video

Lecture 2: Biophotonics Fundamentals, Prof. Vasan Venugopalan pdf » view online video

Tutorial: Introduction to the Virtual Tissue Simulator, Dr. Carole Hayakawa pdf

Laboratory A (Computation): Tissue Absorption and Scattering Spectra

Day 2 -- Monday, 10 July 2023

Team Science & Career Development

Team Science Workshop: Building and Working with Teams, Prof. Dan Stokols pdf » view online video

Career Development and Mentorship: Individualized Development Plan, Profs. Bernard Choi & Vasan Venugopalan pdf » view online video

Evening Presentation: My Entrepreneurship Journey in Biophotonics – Commercializing Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) at Modulim, Dr. David Cuccia pdf » view online video

Day 3 -- Tuesday, 11 July 2023

Biological Microscopy

Lecture 3: Optical Microscopy in Cells and Tissues, Prof. Eric Potma pdf » view online video

Lecture 4: Modeling Focused Beam Propagation in Scattering Media, Dr. Janaka Ranasinghesagara pdf » view online video

Laboratory B (Computation): Mie Scattering and Analysis of Focused Beam Propagation

Day 4 -- Wednesday, 12 July 2023

Monte Carlo Methods & Team Science

Lecture 5: Monte Carlo Methods: Fundamentals, Prof. Shuang Zhao pdf » view online video

Lecture 6: Monte Carlo Methods: Extensions and Application, Dr. Carole Hayakawa pdf » view online video

Tutorial: Virtual Photonics Open Source Software Tools, Ms. Lisa Malenfant pdf » view online video

Laboratory C (Computation): Monte Carlo Simulations: Error Analysis & Spatial and Angular Distributions

Evening Presentation: Femtosecond Laser Technology in Ophthalmic Surgery, Dr. Tibor Juhasz pdf » view online video

Day 5 -- Thursday, 13 July 2023

Optical Dosimetry, Optical Property Measurement & Team Science

Lecture 7: Light Fields Generated by Collimated Beams, Prof. Vasan Venugopalan pdf » view online video

Lecture 8: Ex Vivo Measurement of Tissue Optical Properties Using Inverse Adding Doubling, Prof. Scott Prahl pdf » view online video

Laboratory D (Hybrid): Integrating Sphere Data Acquisition & Data Analysis pdf

Evening Presentation: Translational Biophotonics - A guide to Develop Therapeutic Innovations that Improve Human Health, Prof. Anand Ganesan pdf » view online video

Day 6 -- Friday, 14 July 2023

Problem Based Learning & Career Development

Problem Based Learning: Proposal Generation, Prof. Vasan Venugopalan pdf

Afternoon Activity: Tour of Industry Partners and Entrepreneurship Facilities

Day 7 -- Saturday, 15 July 2023

Wide Field Imaging and Spectroscopy & Problem Based Learning

Lecture 9: Spatially-Resolved and Spatial Frequency Domain Methods and their Biomedical Application, Dr. David Cuccia pdf » view online video

Lecture 10: Determination of Tissue Properties from Optical Signals, Dr. Carole Hayakawa pdf » view online video

Laboratory E (Hybrid):  Signal Analysis and Tissue Property Recovery from Spatially-Resolved and Spatial Frequency Domain Optical Signals

Day 8 -- Monday, 17 July 2023

Laser Speckle Imaging & Problem Based Learning

Lecture 11: Laser Speckle Principles, Instrumentation and Biomedical Application, Prof. Bernard Choi pdf  

Lecture 12: Modeling of Laser Speckle Imaging, Prof. Bernard Choi pdf » view online video  

Laboratory F (Hybrid): Flow Mapping with Laser Speckle Imaging


Day 9 -- Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Diffuse Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy & Problem Based Learning

Lecture 13: Diffuse Optics Instrumentation and Biomedical Application, Prof. Thomas O'Sullivan pdf » view online video

Lecture 14: Analysis of Diffuse Optical Signals, Prof. Vasan Venugopalan pdf » view online video

Laboratory G (Hybrid): Signal Analysis and Tissue Property Recovery from Time-Resolved and Temporal Frequency-Domain Optical Signals

Day 10 -- Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Problem Based Learning

Day 11 -- Thursday, 20 July 2023

Problem Based Learning & Course Wrapup