Workshop 2009

1st Virtual Photonics Workshop, 21-23 August 2009

This first workshop was designed to (a) present the fundamental principles involved in modeling light propagation in cells and tissues and (b) expose students to how modeling and computation can be applied towards the development, design, and analysis of therapeutic, imaging and diagnostic methods in Biophotonics.

The workshop curriculum was comprised of 6 didactic lectures coupled with 5 interactive sessions with the Virtual Tissue Simulator; custom software designed by the Virtual Photonics Core to simulate radiative transport processes in real-time. The core curriculum was supplemented by Case Study Presentations to illustrate the use of modeling and computational approaches to advance the application of biophotonic methods for the treatment of pigmented lesions, diffuse optical imaging of the breast, and wide-field spectroscopic imaging methods. Finally, we have provided some references should you wish to explore this material further.

The Workshop Schedule follows along with links to the presentations and computational exercises

The complete Workshop Schedule can be found here

List of Workshop participants

Day 1 -- Friday, 21 August 2009

Lecture 1: Radiative Transport Fundamentals PDF

GUI Interaction A - Absorption and Scattering Spectra

Lecture 2: Stochastic & Analytic Solvers PDF

GUI Interaction B - Optical Dosimetry

Case Study Presentation: Prof. Bernard Choi on Modeling and the Treatment of Vascular Lesions PDF

Day 2 -- Saturday, 22 August 2009

Day 1 Recap PDF

Lecture 3: Visualizing Optical Dosimetry PDF

Lecture 4: Modeling Diagnostic Signals Video PDF

GUI Interaction C - Spatially- and Temporally-Resolved Diffuse Reflectance

Lecture 5: Analyzing Diagnostic Signals PDF

GUI Interaction D - Analysis of Diffuse Reflectance

Case Study Presentation: Jing Liu on Optical Tomography of Human Breast PDF

Day 3 -- Sunday, 23 August 2009

Day 2 Recap PDF

Lecture 6: Inverse Problem Fundamentals PDF

GUI Interaction E - Inverse Problem Solving

Case Study Presentation: Dr. David Cuccia on Modulated Imaging

GUI Interaction Answers