Workshop 2011

3rd Virtual Photonics Workshop, 19-21 August 2011

The 2011 VP Workshop will continue in a similar format with past Workshops. Morning lectures on the fundamentals combined with interactive sessions on the custom software designed by the Virtual Photonics team will constitute the educational component of the 3 day weekend. There will also be two afternoon technical sessions on “Models and Methods in Computational Biophotonics” (Friday) and “Industrial Activities in Computational Biophotonics” (Saturday). Confirmed invited speakers include: Dr. Amir Gandjbachkhe (NIH), Prof. Andreas Hielscher (Columbia University), Prof. Arnold Kim (UC Merced), Prof. Frederic Leblond (Dartmouth College), Dr. David Cuccia (Modulated Imaging, Inc.), Dr. Michael Giacomelli (Duke University) and Prof. Henrik Wann Jensen (UCSD). The VP Workshops are designed to appeal to both relative novices and active researchers in the Biophotonics field.

The version of the GUI that was used at the workshop can be accessed here

The Workshop Flyer can be found here

The complete Workshop Schedule can be found here

List of Workshop participants

Day 1 -- Friday, 19 August 2011

Educational Session I

Welcome and introductions, Professors Jerry Spanier and Vasan Venugopalan PDF

Lecture 1: Radiative Transport Fundamentals, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

Laboratory A - Absorption and Scattering Spectra

Lecture 2: Stochastic and Deterministic Solvers, Professor Jerry Spanier PDF

Tutorial: Use of VTS Monte Carlo 1.0, Drs. Carole Hayakawa and David Cuccia

Technical Sessions I: Models and Methods in Computational Biophotonics

Monte Carlo Simulations for Analyzing Optical Microscopy, Dr Amir Gandjbakhche, National Institute of Health PDF

The Corrected Diffusion Approximation for Diagnostic Measurements, Professor Arnold Kim, UC Merced PDF

Quantitative Imaging of Brain Pathologies using Florescence Molecular Contrast, Professor Frederic Leblond, Dartmouth College PDF

Optical Tomographic Imaging with PDE constrained Algorithms, Professor Andreas Hielscher, Columbia University PDF

Day 2 -- Saturday, 20 August 2011

Educational Session II

Day 1 Recap, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

Monte Carlo Tutorial Debriefing, Dr David Cuccia

Laboratory B: Optical Dosimetry

Lecture 3: Boundary Effects, Detection, and Spatial Scales, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

Laboratory C: Spatially and Temporally Resolved Reflectance

Technical Sessions II: Applied and Industrial Activities in Computational Biophotonics

Welcome: Professor Bruce Tromberg, Director, Beckman Laser Institute

Modeling and Applications of Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging, Dr David Cuccia, Modulated Imaging, Inc. PDF

Computational Challenges in Development and Clinical Translation of Angle Resolved Low Coherence Interferometry, Dr Michael Giacomelli, Duke University PDF

Reverse Engineering Nature, Professor Henrik Wann Jensen, UC San Diego

Moderated Discussion: Professor Bruce Tromberg

Day 3 -- Sunday, 21 August 2011

Educational Session III

Day 2 Recap, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

Lecture 4: Analysis of Biophotonic Signals, Professor Vasan Venugopalan PDF

Laboratory D: Analysis of Reflectance Signals

Lecture 5: Introduction to Inverse Problems, Professor Jerome Spanier PDF

Laboratory E: Inverse Problem Solving