Short Course 2013

Inaugural National Short Course in Computational Biophotonics, 12-16 August 2013

Each day of the short course is structured around a biomedical “theme”; together these themes span a broad range of current biomedical research activity. Morning sessions will feature two lectures, the first providing biomedical context for the daily theme and the second describing models and computational approaches keyed to the theme. Afternoons will be devoted to demonstrations of the daily biomedical technology, hands-on computational laboratories using the unique Virtual Tissue Simulator computational platform, trainee presentations, and moderated discussions. The new Short Course builds upon the success of annual Virtual Photonics Workshops held at UC Irvine.

VTS GUI Application

The version of the GUI used in the short course can be accessed here (Note: This is a Silverlight application which may no longer work in your browser, the labs can be completed using our current software from GitHub but be aware that the instructions may differ slightly).


The Short Course Flyer can be found here

The complete Short Course Schedule can be found here

The complete list of Short Course Videos and Lecture Materials will be available here after the event.

List of Short Course participants

Day 1 -- Monday, 12 August 2013

Interaction of Light with Biological Systems

Lecture 1: Radiative Transport Fundamentals, Professor Vasan Venugopalan pdf » view online video

Lecture 2: Deterministic and Stochastic Solvers, Professor Jerry Spanier pdf » view online video

Tutorial: Use of the Virtual Tissue Simulator System, Ms. Lisa Malenfant and Dr. Carole Hayakawa pdf

Laboratory A: Absorption and Scattering Spectra

Day 2 -- Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Biological Microscopy

Lecture 3: Optical Microscopy in Cells and Tissues, Professor Eric Potma pdf » view online video

Lecture 4: Focused Beam Propagation in Scattering Media, Dr. Janaka Ranasinghesagara pdf » view online video

Laboratory B: Focused Beams in Scattering Media

Day 3 -- Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Optical Dosimetry for Phototherapy

Lecture 5: Phototherapy in Skin and Brain, Drs. Kristin Kelly pdf and Henry Hirschberg pdf

Lecture 6: Light Fields Generated by Collimated Beams, Professor Vasan Venugopalan pdf » view online video

Laboratory C: Optical Dosimetry and Reflectance

Day 4 -- Thursday, 15 August 2013

Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy

Lecture 7: Biomedical Applications of Diffuse Optics, Professor Bruce Tromberg pdf » view online video

Lecture 8: Analysis of Diffuse Optical Signals, Dr. Albert Cerussi pdf

Laboratory D: Analysis of Reflectance Signals

Day 5 -- Friday, 16 August 2013

Wide-Field Spectroscopic Imaging

Lecture 9: NIR Endogenous Wide-Field Imaging for the Clinic, Professor Sylvain Gioux pdf

Lecture 10: Determination of Tissue Properties from Reflectance Signals, Dr. Carole Hayakawa pdf

Laboratory E: Inverse Problems